Company overview

SSCAL is run by talented software engineers, architects and designers with over twenty years IT experience architecting and deploying many applications on different platforms using the latest innovative ideas in technology.

We understand the technical requirements of IT managers completely and can therefore provide the right consultant / developer / architect for projects on-site on-shore or offshore. We can also provide at much lower hourly rates, dedicated off-shore developers to work remotely on your projects, thereby cutting your development costs significantly.

Work with Us

We are experts in web development and mobile applications, we help individuals, enterprises and startups build robust and scalable web and mobile apps. We can also help with enhancement and maintenance of customers legacy apps. -:

  • Secure Web development
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing solutions
  • Specialized App development
  • Innovative and Intuitive UI design
  • Experienced Team of professionals
  • Best in e-commerce services
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting SSCAL office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We have worked for over 20 years on Projects in various industries using C#, C++, HTML, JSP, Java, PHP, Jquery, ASP.Net, Ajax, .NET Framework, SQL Server, Oracle.

Experience & Expertise

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